Corporate Yoga

Six-Week Yoga for Stress Course


Help your employees understand and implement effective strategies for stress relief. Studies consistently show that yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are associated with increased performance and reduce absences in the workplace. Join the many employers improving workplace wellbeing with this movement-based approach to managing stress.

I offer a six-week couse designed specifically to teach participants effective and easy startegies for managing stress and achieving a sense of calm and balance.

Each week, participants will practice a yoga sequence specifically designed to relieve stress. Movement, breathing exerices simple meditation techniques will not only be taught but participants will have time to implement them on their own as part of a self-led practice. This allows for immediate results to be observed and participants quickly develop a sense of self-efficacy and confidence in their abilities to manage stress. Six weeks allow for ample practice time to ensure the basics of postures and exercises are understood, experienced and implemented safely.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to recognise cues from your body during the day that signal stress is beginning to affect the body.

  • Implement breathing techniques to quickly calm the nervous system after stressful events.

  • Practice self-led simple ten-minute meditation exercises to help focus the mind.

  • Experience calming yoga postures that can be done at home any time of the day and without equipment.

  • Understand how to approach challenging yoga postures in a group class to make them energising rather than draining for your body.

  • Learn and practice chair-based yoga stretches that relieve tension instantly and can be done when sitting at a desk.

  • Walk away with a 30-minute home practice sequence.

What participants say about the Course

“It was good to have a chance to learn correct yoga techniques to help with day to day stress. Susanne was a brilliant yoga teacher.”

“The pace of the sessions was very good so everyone could follow regardless of their yogic abilities. And Susanne made sure everyone was working safely, always important, but in a class with such mixed abilities, even more so.”

“Thanks for making the course so enjoyable and beneficial  - it's nice to feel a sense of progress over the six weeks.”

[When asked about the most helpful aspect of the course] “The variety of stretches and poses it's possible to do sat at an office desk to release tight stressed muscles and the use of breath control and how this can help in stressful situations.”