Susanne Kaesbauer Yoga


Welcome to the world of yoga, where each practice is exciting, playful and full of learning opportunities.

On the yoga mat, we practice challenging postures and find ways to make postures feel more effortless. We explore, how the body moves and how the natural curves of the spine support us in postures. We find out, how muscular actions help us find strength, flexibility and most importantly room to breathe.

Take this learning anywhere off the mat with you. Stand taller and more effortlessly during your next presentation. Observe how your voice sounds more steady right away. Breathe more fully during your next challenging meeting and feel yourself relax and think more clearly during the meeting. Diaphragmatic or belly breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for relaxation after stressful times.  

Experience the benefits of yoga.

Above are just a few examples. The benefits of a thoroughly planned yoga practice are immense and at times unimaginable. Your posture will change, every day task become easier, your energy levels will change and become more consistent and how you want to nourish your body will change.

You must get on your mat to experience the all that the practice has to offer.