Private Yoga

A small number of private one-to-one yoga sessions are available to be booked every week. These are specifically tailored practices designed to get you closer to your goals. These highly beneficial sessions are free-from distractions and offer 100% personalised feedback.

Private yoga clients practice a bespoke yoga sequence, designed address their unique needs, such as relieving lower back pain or neck tension. Private yoga sequences can also be designed to work towards more advanced postures, such as arm balances or advanced backbends. We’ll look at postures you can continue to practice at home, in between sessions, to facilitate progress and get the most benefits with regards to the development of strength and flexibility.

Private yoga sessions draw on the following styles of yoga:

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Power Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Chair-based yoga

Expect to practice breathing exercises, a precise warm-up, time to learn the mechanics and alignment of postures, as well as exercises to relieve tension immediately. Each private session concludes with some longer held stretches, a guided final relaxation.


Feedback from private clients describes the benefits of their sessions:

“Susanne's instruction is incredibly clear and her calm manner paired with her soothing voice mean that I am able to get so much out of each private session while also feeling relaxed.”

“I love tremendously how Susanne teaches: Gently and precisely. I love how the practice synchronises with breathing, which is such a difficult task.”