Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m an Oxford, UK - based experienced yoga teacher. I trained as a vinyasa and hot power yoga teacher at YogaVenue, Oxford’s premier and first purpose-built yoga studio. I teach popular vinyasa as well as hot power yoga classes.

My classes focus on slow, steady and precise movements. In each class, subtle aspects, such as muscular actions and control in shapes shape is taught by exploring the balance of effort and ease needed. I am particularly interested in working towards smooth and effortless-looking transitions between postures. The shapes that arise in the transitions are equally important for strengthening the body and calming the mind as the postures themselves.

My classes focus on stress-relief through a constant awareness of how the body and mind are responding to new postures and movements. Postures themselves may initially be experienced as somewhat uncomfortable places. Through consistency of breath, precise alignment and continued practice, we find ways to make the postures enjoyable and starting points for transformation.

I have been studying the human mind, behaviour and mental health since 2005. I hold a BS in Psychogy and a PhD in Educational Psychology. Since then, I have worked as a health researcher and collaborated with NHS organisations, as well as the WHO to explore and improve patient experiences, especially those of mental health service users.