Improve your posture and experience the uplifting benefits of backbends.

If you spend a lot of time working at a computer, you may be familiar with a sensation of tightness across the front of the torso and shoulders. Over long hours spent at a desk the head moves forwards, shoulder blades spread and move upwards and the thoracic spine starts to round forward or flex. Tension in the neck and shoulders or headaches may result. As the back body lengthens, the front body shortens and the front of the rib cage starts to press onto organs and digestive functions may suffer.

Backbends as the healers of the spine.

Backbends are a busy person’s best friends, as they strengthen the back musculature and stretch the front of the torso. Hence, undoing some of the tension and tightness caused by long hours in a seated posture. The benefits of backbends extend into daily life by slowly re-strengthen the muscles that keep us upright and in a more balanced posture when standing, walking or sitting.

“Backbends stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive system, help preserve the health of the vertebrae and spinal disks, and open the body to deep diaphragmatic breathing. It’s no wonder that backbends are an important part of any yoga routine.” - Allison Ray Jeraci for Yoga International

Backbends are a group of postures, after which, I immediately notice changes in my mood. These are not massive changes but my outlook on the day is a little more positive, which is always welcome on a rainy or cold day.

Get to class and practice to experience the benefits of yoga.