Three Easy Steps to a Home Yoga Practice

For years, I struggled to make it to the weekly group classes I had planned to attend each week. I simply didn’t have enough energy at the end of the day. The business of the work-week and packed schedules can often leave us feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get to a yoga class.

Here are three simple steps to set up a home yoga practice that can be done any time of the day. Skip the travel time and step right onto the mat.

  1. Follow a basic sequence or structure for your practice. Start with a long warm-up and see how the body responds. Begin in postures close to the ground and move into standing postures and from there into more challenging balancing postures. Return to the ground for some grounding forward folds, followed by final relaxation; your savasana.

  2. Find inspiration. Even if you struggle to make it to multiple group classes, try to go at least once per week to explore what stretches and postures feel good in your body. You’ll also develop an understanding of how to come in and out of postures safely.

  3. Explore and feel. A home practice provides an opportunity to explore and feel what is happening in each posture. Notice how the body responds and changes within three breaths. If something feels particularly good, take that stretch into your next posture. For example, take a seated side stretch into your next lunge or wide straddle forward fold.

With this easy three-step approach, your home practice becomes a dedicated time to connect with your body and just be yourself. Feel how this intuitive approach to practice nourishes both the body and mind. Start your home practice today by stepping onto the mat. Sign up for a group class and be inspired about other postures you can integrate into your home practice. See my upcoming classes for all levels here.