What to expect from your first yoga class.

Ready to try a group yoga class but not sure how to prepare? Read on for more information on what happens in class and how you can arrive well prepared.

You won’t be the only person new to yoga.

When starting a yoga practice, many people think they will be the only beginner in the class. In fact, around 35 percent or more participants are new to yoga in each class.

Classes for all abilities.

My classes are for all levels, which means they are designed with everyone and all abilities in mind. You will be presented with options for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It’s up to you to select the option that suits you.

No need to impress anyone.

Nobody will be judging your during class. Some people practice with their eyes closed. Don’t work too hard and don’t worry about what it looks like. The students who keep up their yoga practice in the long-term tend to be the ones who don’t push too hard and take everything in their own stride.

How to prepare.

  • You don’t need to buy any fancy kit or try to lose weight before coming to class. Come exactly as you are.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. A T-shirt and leggings or shorts are perfect.

  • Avoid eating a big meal before class. Snacks are fine.

  • Please bring a yoga mat. Basic mats start at around £8.

Contact me with any questions or learn more about group classes.

See you on your mat.