One-to-one yoga

Personalised private yoga sessions take place in your own home. The sequences are tailored to address your unique needs, such as relieving lower back pain or neck tension. As symptoms change and strength develops, the yoga sequence will change to increase the benefits.

My clients initially report “feeling better immediately” with imporvements lasting throughout the next days.

But what about the remaining days of the week?

You’ll receive homework to to extend the benefits of your practice. Expect short sequences you can practice at home in 15 to 20 minutes. Homework sequences are excerpts of the larger groups of postures we practice together.

My goal is to set you up for success from day one. Trust that your brain and body will remember the shapes!

Lifestyle support

Lifestyle support sessions follow each yoga practice. We will identify your biggest stressors and come up with practical solutions you can use right away. Without adding to your workload, I’ll teach you simple and effective practical skills to assess, reduce and prevent stress.

We will do more than talk. You will learn about your triggers for stress and test new strategies right away. You’ll also plan for and visualise yourself using the new solutions to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

These may include:

  • Strategies to tackle workload (i.e. project planning, problem solving and time management).

  • Identifying unhealthy habits (i.e. diet, caffeine, alcohol, shopping, binge watching).

    • Prevent unhealthy habits through planning and learning new skills (i.e. creating quick and easy cooking templates).

  • Understanding your social support network and planning for regular meaningful interactions.

  • Identifying what energises and supports you (i.e. journal templates to understand what you do in a day and what nourishes you vs depletes your energy).